50% OFF TRAFFIC SCHOOL - Limited Time Offer for CA and FL residents!

The Low Price Complete Guarantee

The Low Price Complete Guarantee

The Trafficschoolgoto.com Low Price Complete Guarantee

Here's How It Works

For California drivers:
We'll match any price offered by a California accepted traffic school provider for the identical county and court you received your traffic ticket in.

Please make note: several of TrafficschoolGoTo.com's competitors charge a variety of prices depending on which county or court you received your traffic violation in. Please double-check that the competitor's price being advertised on their site is the actual price they are charging for the county and court traffic school class you received your traffic ticket in and this price includes all required processing, delivery, and any other additional course fees.

For Texas drivers:
The TX state allowable minimum price for defensive driving classes is $25. Our TX computer based defensive-driving program is already the lowest price permitted!

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Our Low Price Promise promotion is only valid for CA computer based traffic school courses.

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